13 Mar 2014
March 13, 2014

Sunderland Elementary School

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On March 1st, Henry Gets Moving traveled down the road to Sunderland Elementary School to join them for the afternoon. The elementary school had an afternoon of activities planned that involved basketball, an obstacle course, jumping rope, and of course, the Henry Hustle.

When we arrived at the school, we were greeted by many excited staff members and teachers. We explained what Henry Gets Moving represents and what we would be doing that afternoon.  We began the afternoon be performing the Henry Hustle on stage to all the students that came. It was great to see that a lot of the students were familiar with the book and even recognized the interns from previous school visits. After that, we taught a majority of the students the dance. In addition to the Henry Hustle there were three other activities for the children to participate in. They consisted of a basketball clinic, jump roping and an obstacle course of a life size heart. The students had a great time running around and were provided with healthy snacks from parents.

We were accompanied by a woman from the American Heart Association. It was very exciting to get to know her and to explain what Henry Gets Moving was all about. As the day ended, we performed the Henry Hustle one last time. However, this time we were accompanied by a big group of students! It was very fun to be able to do the dance with all of them and their excitement was contagious. Everyone had a huge smile on their face by the time we were done! It was a great day at Sunderland Elementary school and everyone was able to eat healthy and get moving!

Check out the video from the day!




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  1. How inspiring for the students! Great work goes out to the team of Henry Gets Moving!

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