09 Nov 2012
November 9, 2012

Just have fun!

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Doc Rouzier and I spent Thursday at the New England chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine conference. The keynote speaker, Dr. Andrew Pipe, delivered a great presentation, and one part of it really stuck with me – If we’re going to turn around this obesity epidemic, we need to inspire kids to just get outside and play.

Being part of a team is a great experience for kids to have. But sometimes we get too focused on team sports and forget that you don’t need to be part of a team to be physically active. You can just go run around and play, making up rules and using your imagination to create your own games with your family and friends. I think there are two keys to successfully maintaining a healthy lifestyle:

1. Be part of a community. Being part of a community gives you a network of support that encourages healthy behaviors. Plus, it gives you people to talk to.

2. Have fun being active. Don’t think of physical activity as something you have to suffer through – find a way to make it fun!

These are the things that help me stay active. Keep moving, my friends.




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